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Land Development

TMSA carries out large land development projects.

After analyzing the needs of the market, TMSA carefully develops the project concept, which is implemented after an in-depth study of the environmental characteristics and other features of the site. Where others see constraints to eliminate, TMSA sees new opportunities to exploit. TMSA calls on the best urban designers and engineers to create projects that will be known for their beauty and quality of urban infrastructure.

TMSA has a solid financial stability to devote the necessary time and effort to long term planning. It maintains decision-making control throughout the project to avoid design inconsistency or taking a patchwork approach.

In this chapter, the project Longueuil-sur-le-Parc is one of the firm's most recent undertakings.

Residential projects

In 2000, TMSA joined forces with important builder/developer to build more than 6500 residential units in the greater Montreal.

The role and responsibility of TMSA varies depending on the project, from investor to co-developer.